Model Calibration
Calibration Definition and supporting graphics. (Model Calibration - 5)  
Groundwater Model Calibration Exercise - Fluxes and SWLs Planning to install a new 250 GPM well at their main facility, a small manufacturer hires you to determine whether their proposed well will cause any problems with the stream and an existing well and whether the new well or the existing well would likely become contaminated by a nearby TCE plume as a result of the operation of the new well. The new well will be operated continuously. The party responsible for the TCE plume has only recently been notified that they must remediate this plume. The State DEQ expects that it will be several years before this happens since it appears the State will have to go to court to force compliance. ​ (Model Calibration - 5)  
Dam break and basement flooding dispute Those Dam Guys LLC was contracted to take on an controversial project - removing the Plankton Dam along an otherwise picturesque stretch of the Plankton River. While they were using a control structure to drawdown the water level in the reservoir, the system failed, causing the downstream river levels to rise by 4m. Several citizens sued Those Dam Guys, claiming their basements were damaged because of the rising groundwater levels caused by high river levels after the dam break. The consultants argued that the basement flooding due was to the inherent surface drainage issues in the clay rich floodplain area, and had nothing to do with river level rise after the dam break. You be the Those Dam Guys LLC responsible?? (Model Calibration - 5)