Flow Net & Refraction
Groundwater Refraction When groundwater flowlines cross a geological boundary between formations with different values of hydraulic conductivity, they refract, much as light does when it passes from one medium to another. Watch the related videos and answer the questions that follow. (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)  
Travel time to Wells G and H Until the mid-1970's, the Cryovac plant of W.R. Grace, a global producer of chemical, construction, and container products, dumped varying amounts of toxic chemicals on its property in Woburn. hese chemicals seeped into the groundwater beneath Grace's property and migrated through the underlying aquifer in a southwesterly direction, toward to Wells G and H, part of the Woburn municipal water supply. Compute the time it takes for a spill at the WR Grace to reach the well(s). (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)  
What lies underneath? Create a hydrogeologically meaningful MAGNET model that can produces observed flow patterns. (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)  
Flow Net Analysis - II You are interested in recharge, residence time and flow velocities in the regional confined aquifer. Using the given information and making reasonable (but only necessary) assumptions regarding aquifer properties, quantify these parameters of interest. Solve the problem 'by hand', then use MAGNET to verify/compare your results. (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)  
Flow net analysis 1 Consider an aquifer near a stream and with a pumping well. Use the completed flow net to determine fluxes and source water areas to/for the water well and stream. Also determine contaminant transport paths and travel times. Develop and apply a MAGNET model to verify your results. (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)  
Determination of groundwater flow direction (Flow Net & Refraction- 7)