Capture Zone Analysis
Capture zone visualization, time of travel A “capture zone” refers to the three-dimensional region that contributes the ground water extracted by one or more wells or drains. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)  
WHPA - Time of Travel ​The time required for a particle of water to move in the saturated zone from a specific point to a well is the Time of Travel (TOT). A line can be drawn around the area for which groundwater is expected to reach the well within a chosen period. Watch the related video, answer short questions, and re-create the animation/model using MAGNET. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)  
Plume Capture Intermediate - Analytical and numerical sub-problems. A number of techniques exist for removing or greatly reducing groundwater contamination. One method commonly practiced is hydrodynamic isolation or passive plume capture. An extraction well positioned downgradient of the leading edge of the plume will help to stabilize the position of the plume, allowing the contaminated water to then be pumped out of the aquifer. Contaminated groundwater is sometimes treated before disposal or discharge back to the environment. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)  
Capture Zone with and without Dispersion Application of the particle tracking technique for the delineation of capture zones can sometimes be misleading - because it is only based on advection and does not take into consideration transport parameters, such as dispersion, diffusion, absorption etc. Watch the related videos, answer short questions, and re-create the animations/models using MAGNET. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)  
Wellhead protection area, heterogeneity, and preferential channels Capture zones of wells play an important role in groundwater protection. However, the shape and size of a catchment zone cannot be determined exactly due to inherent heterogeneities/uncertainty of aquifer parameters. Use MAGNET to probabilistically delineate a well capture zone, taking into account the uncertainty in the aquifer parameters. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)  
Design of Capture Wells for Plume Containment A “capture zone” refers to the region that contributes the groundwater extracted by wells or drains. A capture zone in this context is equivalent to the “zone of hydraulic containment”.Given some site-specific information, design an optimum collection system using MAGNET. (Capture Zone Analysis- 14)